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Hello everyone, my name is Jeffrey Tang and I am based in Selangor, Malaysia. I used to be an engineer in a multi national manufacturing company, after working for a full 13 long years, in 2007, I’ve decided to quit my job and started doing full time internet marketing. Internet marketing to me simply means being able to generate revenues by using internet as the main source of communication, I do not consider this as my career but rather it has been my passion, and that’s the main motivation for me in choosing this path as my life style. Indeed, when you love doing what you do, it’s not work, it’s passion.

I started exploring the world of internet marketing in 2005 and discovered it’s huge potential and the many benefits that comes along with it, it does not take long for me to realize that’s what I want in life, at least at that point in time. Hence my journey took me to various internet marketing resources, online materials and also off line seminars.

Having learned and applied the various know how in internet marketing, I realized I can contribute more to the society by helping others to learn the knowledge it self, so I’ve got my self into training, coaching and mentoring activities.

Currently, while doing my own internet marketing stuff, I’m also involved in supporting some of my internet marketing guru friends in training their members, to me, that’s a win-win-win strategy which benefits my guru friends, their members and my self as I can leverage the guru’s experience and help their members to learn about internet marketing.

Thank you for reading my boring profile and enjoy your stay!

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