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Siau Hen (a.k.a Bryan) is a part time internet marketer and technology lover. He has deep passion towards new technologies especially audio/video related product. He is a co-founder of which provide latest model LCD HDTV product reviews and information.

5 Must Have Attitudes When Attending Internet Marketing Course

There are 5 attitudes that a person must have when planning to attend and internet marketing course. Since these courses offer such energy and insight, there is a way that inductees must approach these types of courses. Because the internet is becoming such a powerful force shaping the way business is being done now and will have a tremendous influence on how business will grow and reach potential consumers, it is extremely important to know how this is done. There is so much to learn and so little time to enter the market at any time with any niche idea, that time, energy, and effort must be infused with a large amount of knowledge and enthusiasm.

Why are these five attitudes important?

This is simple, in order to win. From start up to growth and then onto maturity, so many companies struggle with how to reach new customers, retain current customers, and how to block out potential competition. The internet makes this concept much harder because the barriers to entry are so much lower than with traditional business. you have to be ready to hit the ground running from the day a website is up and be willing to put in the hours on the back end, not necessarily just on the internet itself, but doing other promotions.

What are the five attitudes?

The five attitudes are enthusiasm, passion, commitment, self-control, and willingness to learn. Each of these attitudes carries with it the ability to cause victory or defeat upon receiving the information contained in the internet marketing course. While there are a lot of other tools that will help the individual along the way, these are the attitudes needed to begin the process of receiving the vast knowledge obtained in an internet marketing course.


This attitude speaks for itself. No person who comes into any course dreading the day they were born will receive anything. Too many great philosophers understood this all too well. Most of them agree to this “know thyself”. Knowing how much enthusiasm there will surely be an indication of how much information the person is willing to open up to.


After the enthusiasm wears thin, it is only the passion for reaching customers, starting a business, enrichment, wealth, well-being, etc that will keep the person going during the more technical aspects of internet marketing. Besides, if a person is not enthusiastic or passionate when it comes to learning the trade, this will most definitely carry over to the customer experience, even if the customer face-to-face interaction is not really part of the process.


Simple. The race is not given to the swift or the strong, but to the one who endures. What sense does it make to come out of the gate screaming victory, if the race will be dropped soon after taking off? There has to be a stick to it attitude especially at the onset of the learning process.


No student is greater than his master. At times there attendees of marketing courses who know a little about marketing. This can be a great moment of contention for some. Exercising self-control on the “know it all” moments is of great importance.

Willingness to Learn

As a person is able to stay the course it will only follow the attitude of willingness to learn. If there is no enthusiasm, and there is no commitment, and no passion for the process and the person has not learned prior to exercise elf-control, then they have shown an unwillingness to learn.

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By Doing This…You Will…

Most bloggers and online marketers are doing drastic measures which they believe very effective as their websites will rake in money in the near future. However, many of them will just get disappointed when they find out that there is no money coming in.

Making money online is a result of completing a series of right things/moves. By simply complete one or two actions that you have learned will not give you the best guarantee to earn money very soon. It is important to set a relevant objective for every effort you commit.

…by submitting your articles to Ezine and other article directories you will expose yourself as an expert and be able to build a quality linkback to your own blog or website and lure many visitors who are interested about your topic.

…by setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog and make it live you will be able to create your own platform to publish any content anytime.

…by giving comments on other people?s blogs you will be able to build up good relationship with other bloggers including the readers.

…by submitting guest post to other blogs you will gain a sweet link juice from the desired blog and attract many visitors to your website.

…by submitting your website URL to a reputable directory you will gain a sweet back link that will eventually boost your page rank.

…by applying the correct on page and off page SEO technique, you will get the higher rank in search engine ranking.

…by writing an attractive head title and description of your page or post, you will improve your appearance in SERP and lure more searchers to click on you.

…by presenting a great copywriting skill you will turn many visitors to your call-to-action.

…by researching good keywords and niche picking you will get the higher chance to rank well with your desired keywords and explorer untapped market.

…by purchasing a good domain name, you will get great advantage on the SEO for you niche.

…by getting a nicely designed wordpress theme, you will stand out from the crowd and brand yourself more professionally.

The list goes on but you should never expect to earn money right away if you only exert little effort.

Last but not least

…by following all the recommendations, by learning from other experienced bloggers and internet marketers, and by performing all the steps they taught consistently, you will stand out higher and get the best chances to earn money online. Good luck to you!

This is a guest post by Siau Hen. Siau Hen (a.k.a Bryan) is a part time internet marketer and technology lover. He has deep passion towards new technologies especially audio/video related products. He is a co-founder of which provide laptops and home products reviews and information.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Black Hat SEO for Internet Marketing

What exactly is Black Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

It is an act of manipulating the ranking algorithms of major search engines, usually done by some internet marketers. They thwart the usual marketing styles to get the top rankings by taking advantage of the ambiguities in present ranking methods.

This technique is considered “wrong” by many because search engines dislike users thwarting their methods and they are certain enough their algorithms provide people with very important content.

Black Hat SEO usually gets higher search engine rankings through unethical procedures. It goes overboard beyond rules and regulations of most search engines. Generally speaking, Black Hat SEO is a short-sighted solution to a perennial problem of creating a website that offers great user experience.

Why Black Hat technique is not recommended?

1. You cannot make much money with black hat SEO.

The main back bone of Black Hat SEO is the cast-off technology. It does work when performed correctly but will not give you the returns you highly expect to achieve.

2. Black Hat SEO is an endless work.

The Black Hat SEO model is very fragile. You have to maintain it as long as you want it to exist.

3. Black Hat SEO is more hectic than the white hat SEO.

Black Hat sites are always banned by search engines. Therefore they have to work more to get ahead in search engines like Google. People using this technique usually exert more effort than regular internet marketers.

4. Black Hat SEO is tedious.

This marketing style is mind-numbing with its serious and monotonous activity. You are always hiding behind in order not to get caught.

5. You cannot simply beat up Google.

Black Hat SEO is a method that aims for loopholes in current search engine algorithms. Search engines such as Google is composed of teams of experts constantly correcting errors to make search results more appropriate.
If you have in mind to create something to beat the system, it will just disappoint you in the long run.

Black Hat SEO is very tempting that many people have dived into it. It does work but superficially. You may get the higher rankings in search engines but only to find out being banned for disreputable practices. It is recommended that you try to avoid Black Hat SEO and anything that looks like it.

Learn some legitimate yet great marketing principles instead. You would not only experience the real fun in internet marketing, you won?t be wasting your time as well. You can find plenty of this in the internet.

This is a guest post by Siau Hen. Siau Hen (a.k.a Bryan) is a part time internet marketer and technology lover. He has deep passion towards new technologies especially audio/video related products. He is a co-founder of which provide latest LCD HDTV product reviews and information.