Getting The Kick In Kick Start Workshop

It has been some times since I last updated my blog post, I still think I’m not a good writer… sigh :p

As I’m involved in providing workshop training to Tom Hua’s subscribers for the 3rd consecutive time in a row, I thought I may just write something about it.

The kick start workshop session in progress

Participants in full concentration

It’s the kick start workshop for participants who subscribed to Tom Hua’s package during the recent Global Internet Seminar event held in Kuala Lumpur, due to the overwhelming response, we have to break the sessions into 2 groups due to the limited seats in the workshop venue which we have booked ahead of the event. The first session was conducted on the 28/June.

I’m glad that the workshop went on smoothly, honestly I was very worry that too many participants would turn up causing the room to be over crowded, thankfully I managed to get good co-operation from some participants to defer their training date to the next session which is scheduled on 18th/July, hence achieving a more balanced number of participants to seat in the limited capacity room space. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

Seeing the eagerness and enthusiasm among participants is enough to convince my self that I must provide my best in my efforts to impart the much needed knowledge and skills they need in getting started with their online business.

But what really make me happy was the good feed back that I get at the end of the workshop, especially from beginners whom some of them knew almost nothing about internet marketing before they came to the workshop, but walked away with a much better understanding and confidence in this exciting journey of information super highway.

There will be another series of follow up workshops to be conducted to ensure participants get the proper guidance, so I’m looking forward to seeing all of them again very soon.
While you are here, don’t forget to leave your comments and feed back as I always value them the most. Cheers !

9 thoughts on “Getting The Kick In Kick Start Workshop”

  1. Hi everyone,

    Jeff, you are great! Have a look at my website – it’s all done up in one class!

    This is a really cool results workshop; only thing I hope, is that it could go a little faster; very eager to make money …. lah.

    Keep it up – more classes and sooner and faster please.

    Thanks Jeff for a good job!
    Daniel Wong
    NLP Trainer

  2. Hi Daniel,

    You site looks good, great work, the order link is working too! I will try to keep the training to suit most participants pace.

  3. Jeff
    Thank you for being so very patient.Not all of us are IT savvy (esp auntie like me lah!). I am sure with your “detailed” coaching, each of us can set up a money making website by end of the workshop. Keep up the good work!

    Joyce Tan

  4. Wow, seeing all these responses really drives me up. Good luck to all of u guys. ^^
    Thanks for the update jeff

    Yam Seng^^

  5. Dear Jeff,
    As I will not be available to attend the 18th July Kick Start Workshop and I had not attended on 28th June Workshop. How can I obtain the workshop notes from you ?

  6. Hi Ben,

    I will send a download link of my notes in PDF format to all participants, will send out once I have done with some updates.

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